Mettle began its life in 2015 and since its inception has grown from humble beginnings to become a well-recognised and respected construction, refurbishment, defence, and fitout business. With offices in Brisbane, Townsville and Sydney, Mettle is well-positioned for sustainable growth along the eastern coastline of Australia.

Mettle started with a vision that was fundamentally underpinned by the definition of ‘Mettle’, and ‘Good People Doing Good Things Together.’ We think we have got that right, making Mettle a great place to work and a great company to do business with.

Mettle, by definition, is the ability to rise and meet a challenge in a spirited and resilient manner.

Our Values

Mettle’s values underpin its culture and set an operating standard that everyone at Mettle understands and most importantly delivers upon. The culture that these values underpin is a culture that resonates around good people doing good things together. It creates a sustainable and healthy workplace which allows Mettle to deliver certainty and exceptional results for its clients.

Mettle’s values are: Be Accountable; Be Curious, Ask Questions, Listen; Take Care; Be Proactive, Problem Solve; Be Authentic, Come As You Are; and Make It Happen.


Be Accountable

Being accountable creates certainty. Construction can be a high-risk, volatile industry where certainty is invaluable. Being accountable to yourself, others and the process provides certainty.

Be curious, Ask questions, Listen

Being curious means you are eager to learn. Ask questions and listen to answers. A curious mind fosters collaborative working relationships both internally and externally.


Take Care

Take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Take care of those around you to encourage a healthy and sustainable workplace. Take care in your work – be proud of what you do!

Be Proactive, Problem Solve

Being proactive in construction is having the insight to identify issues and apply a solution before it becomes a problem. Have the courage to back your decision and the humility to know when to change course.


Be Authentic, Come as You Are

Don’t pretend to be someone or something you aren’t. Be yourself and respect others for who they are and appreciate the differences between us. Diversity makes the world go round!

Make It Happen

Take the opportunity and own it. Have the vision and drive to make it happen.


Reconciliation Action Plan

Acknowledgement of Country

Mettle acknowledges First Nations Peoples as the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we work and live. We respect their rights and interests in their lands and waters and recognise the unique relationships of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples with the environment in which they live.

A Message from Our Managing Director

Mettle is all about ‘Good People Doing Good Things Together’. It is our mantra and underpins how we do business and interact with the communities we work in and are a part of. An integral part of ‘good people doing good things together’ is respect. Mettle and its staff have a deep respect for the enduring and continuous culture that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders represent on the land we work and live on.

Mettle’s positive impact on the communities we operate in is measured each year via our Corporate and Social Responsibility targets. Giving back and furthering improvement in communities in which we work is very important to Mettle and its staff.

We look forward to this journey ahead of us and are excited to find out how we can further our contributions to community and people.

Marc Kenney
Managing Director

Mettle’s Reconciliation Action Plan

Mettle is proud to share that our Reflect RAP has been endorsed by Reconciliation Australia. This signifies the beginning of our reconciliation journey and our commitment to acknowledge, understand and learn together as a team how we can further our contributionsto the community and people.

About the Artist

Chern’ee is a proud Kalkadoon woman & Aboriginal artist from Mount Isa, QLD, Australia who is passionate about her culture & history & wants to share that with the rest of the world through her art.

Chern’ee has her artwork hanging in The Royal Collection in Buckingham Palace, Queensland Parliament House, Queensland State Library and has exhibited her artworks in London, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Sydney.

Learn more about Chern’ee here: https://www.cherneesutton.com.au/