Corporate Social Responsibility

Mettle is all about good people doing good things together. As part of this mantra, Mettle actively promotes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) throughout the business – it is a big part of who we are as people and as a company. Mettle actively encourages its staff to participate in its CSR agenda which contributes to their communities and positively affects society.

Annual Impact Target (AIT)

Mettle’s Annual Impact Target (AIT) is set at 5% of the budgeted Earnings Before Interest and Tax (EBIT) for each financial year. The overall impact target is split into the following categories:

  • Community Support 
  • Charity and Charitable Endeavours 
  • Sustainability 
  • Donated time from Mettle

Mettle's Community Support Fund

As part of Mettle’s AIT there is a portion earmarked for Community Support. 50% of this amount is allocated to long-term community partners of Mettle being Wests Bulldogs Rugby Club in Brisbane and various Legacy initiatives. The other 50% is open annually for Mettle’s staff to make application to for personal community-based endeavours.

The Mettle Community Support Fund Recipients for 2024 are:

  • Mackay Bucasia State School
  • Leichhardt Wanderers Netball Club
  • Kenmore Park Preschool and Kindergarten
  • IGS Kindergarten
  • Children’s Tumour Foundation
  • Brisbane City Football Club
  • Deadly Inspiring Youth Doing Good

Hear and Say Ambassador

Mettle proudly supports ‘Hear and Say’ as a key company charity. Hear and Say is all about opening worlds for people with hearing loss, particularly children. Mettle’s Managing Director, Marc Kenney has two children who were born with a hearing loss which makes supporting this charity something quite personal for him.

Each year Mettle gets together and gets loud for Hear and Say’s annual Loud Shirt Day. To date, Mettle has raised over $300,000 to help fund programs and services which give the gift of sound and speech to children affected by hearing loss.


Other Parts of Mettle's CSR Footprint


Graduates, Apprentices and/ or Trainees

Mettle frequently offers office and site-based work experience opportunities to high school students. Mettle also runs an in-house Cadet Programme and currently has 4 Cadets employed.


Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Mettle switched its power provider to Australia’s greenest power company, Powershop, which provides 100% carbon neutral energy. Mettle also previously partnered with Mesh Direct for all site signage needs. Mesh Direct was the first Australian signage company to offer 100% carbon neutral signage.


Seeded Business Cards

To stay true to Mettle’s sustainability goals, we’ve made the switch to a more environmentally conscious option for our business cards. Mettle’s business cards are designed to encourage people to plant them once the card details are saved to their phones, so that less waste ends up in landfill. A partnership with Paper-Go-Round, an Australian seeded paper manufacturer that uses recycled paper and Australian-grown seeds, when the card is planted the seeds grow and the paper composts into the soil. With a little love and care, clients can watch their new plant grow!


Restoring Australia Initiative

By using only 100% recycled paper in Mettle’s offices and project sites, Mettle contributes to the Restoring Australia initiative in which Officeworks will plant 2 trees for every 1 used, based on the weight of paper-based products that customers buy at Officeworks.


Wests Bulldogs Rugby Club

Mettle is passionate about Good People Doing Good Things Together, and has been a proud principal sponsor of the Wests Bulldogs Rugby Union Club for the last four years.


Legacy’s Canungra Combat Challenge 2023

Mettle entered two teams to take on Legacy’s Canungra Combat Challenge at the Kokoda Barracks, who went through a 7km obstacle course of bush trails and soldier exercises and collectively raised $5,125 to support Legacy Brisbane and their work supporting veterans’ families.



Mettle was a proud sponsor of the Bondi2Berry Charity Event. Bondi2Berry is an organisation on a mission to raise awareness and funds to help find a cure for dementia. Mettle’s former Contracts Administrator Heloisa Cardozo participated in 4 Charity Rides and we are extremely proud of Heloisa and her support of this charity.


Manly Savers Rugby Club

As a proud former Gold Sponsor of the Manly Savers Rugby Club for 4 years, we witnessed the club grow from 1 Senior team to 3 Senior and 7 Junior teams in 2022! The Manly Savers were coached by our very own Ronnie Westdorp, a local Manly boy, who led the club to 3 Premierships & 11 Playoffs’ during his 12 seasons as Coach!